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If you are considering an acrylic bird cage,  Acrylic Bird Cages would like to offer these bits of wisdom to help you get the most value out of your investment.

The Number 1 Problem with acrylic is the use of incorrect cleaners. Yes, I said "cleaners." Please... never, ever use cleaners containing ammonia. Cleaners such as Windex or 409 will harm your new piece of acrylic. Use only products specifically recommended for cleaning acrylic such as Novus #1, or Brillianize, and a Polish Mate. You can order the acrylic cleaning kit through this link: Click here.  

Never use a dry cloth or your hand to clean your acrylic! This rubs the dirt and dust INTO the acrylic as much as it rubs it OFF. First, blow the dust or dirt off, or use water and a Polish Mate cloth to float the dirt off. Then use a recommended cleaner to complete the job. Note: a mild solution of dish detergent and warm water takes off stubborn dirt easily without harming the acrylic. Don't run out of Novus #1 or Brillianize, we will ship the same day the order is placed.

The Number 2 Problem with acrylic is SHOCK. Dropping your acrylic can cause cracking: Large cracks can deal a death blow; small chips can turn into mortally wounding cracks. Acrylic is incredibly resilient, but flying off the top of your shelf was not part of stress testing. However, cracks in an acrylic sheet can be HALTED by drilling a small (1/8" diameter) hole at the end of the crack. We can supply you with the correct drill bit for this procedure. This will keep your sheet in one piece while you call us for a repair or replacement suggestions. 

The Number 3 Problem with acrylic is children. Yes, just as with any other fine article in your home, children should be properly instructed on its care. Acrylic should be treated like fine furniture. Please note that Acrylic is the number one protector of children!  When used as a safety barrier on balconies, or in windows that have a high probability of being broken, we encourage its use near children!

Scratch Removal: In the event that, after taking meticulous steps to prevent it, your fine piece of acrylic becomes scratched, HAVE NO FEAR. Fine scratches can be removed with a mild abrasive polish such as Novus #2, or Novus #3. Heavier scratches, such that you can feel with your fingernail, will require some elbow effort to remove with a bit of sanding and buffing. A series of grits (100,120, 220, 400, 600) followed by a buffing wheel and available buffing compound, will restore the luster of your acrylic!

We Want You To Be Satisfied.

We have offered these basic rules to guide you to years of satisfaction with your acrylic bird cage. If you experience any problems with your acrylic, have questions regarding cutting, drilling, buffing or are curious as to new materials available, please email us or call for prompt and courteous service.