Order Form For Acrylic Seed Guards

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All work performed at Acrylic Bird Cages is guaranteed to be at its best workmanship possible. If the seed guard is not what you expected, please call immediately to explain. We ask that you send a picture of the discrepancy or arrange to ship the habitat back for our inspection. Original packing material must be intact. Shipments must be insured for full invoice value. If the problem is as stated, we will correct it or replace the habitat at no extra charge. No Cash Refunds. We follow Visa, MC guidelines. Full Price Less Shipping Charges will be applied to all returns.

Seed guard includes bend, stainless steel hardware.

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8" Tall Seed Guard: $0.75 per inch
6" Tall Seed Guard: $0.65 per inch
Freight: FedEx Ground will be added to email or fax confirmation. 

Acrylic Bird Cages email and confirm total price, including all shipping charges.

To place an order, FAX: 1-775-459-4642     For a brochure, call: 1-877-388-3792