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What Is Zeigler?  

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What Is Zeigler?

ISO 9001 Certified

Zeigler manufacturing facilities in Gardners and East Berlin, PA maintain ISO 9001 Registered Quality Systems. Standardizing services and manufacturing operations into an organized system is an added assurance that customers are always provided with the highest quality products.

Drug-Free Manufacturing Facility

All Zeigler pet foods are manufactured under drug-free conditions to eliminate any concerns relating to contamination of finished product. Strict manufacturing and feed storage procedures minimize cross contamination of products with undesirable constituents.

Ingredient Quality

Feed ingredients used in Zeigler pet foods are procured only from vendors with a history of providing high quality ingredients. Ingredients are selected for nutrient consistency and low concentrations of recognized contaminants. Natural ingredients such as small grains and grain byproducts, alfalfa, and fishmeal are preassayed for contaminants to ensure a level of quality that only Zeigler can provide.

Product Consistency

Zeigler nutritionists recognize that constant diet formulations are required to minimize the variables that may influence product quality. Therefore, Zeigler pet foods are not formulated on a least cost basis. Nutrient variation among production batches of diets is minimized by the use of ingredients with the specified nutrient concentrations. Reports of nutrient and contaminant assays conducted by independent laboratories are available upon customer request.

Technical Assistance

Technical support from Zeigler nutritionists and support staff is available to all customers. Assistance is available to resolve problems, explore alternative feeding methodologies, and to develop new diet forumlations.

Zeigler Commitment

The Zeigler trademark is recognized as a seal of quality. Leading nutritionists from around the globe have contributed to the development of Zeigler's extensive line of reptile, small mammal, avian, and aquatic diets. Zeigelr diets have been used for over 68 years by commercial breeding operations, zoological facilities and research programs involved in maintaining and perpetuating numerous species of domestic and exotic animals. Zeigler's Mission, "Building value to life through innovative nutrition", emphasizes our commitment to providing only the best for you and your animal companions.

Who Is Zeigler?

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