HEPA Air Filters: Starting at $395.00 installed in cabinet.
Price depends on each size filter system. Call the shop to find out which system is right for you, your bird's habitat and your bird. Shop: 877-388-3792
Installation: We can install a HEPA Air Filter system inside the oak base cabinet. The base cabinet must be a minimum of 20" x 20" x 24" tall. HEGA Filtration: High Efficiency Gas Absorption. Removes contaminants from the air before they irritate and trigger asthma or allergies.
Efficiency: Our HEPA Air Filter System is 99.97% efficient when it comes to removing small particulates (0.3 micron). The HEPA Air Filter System is also efficient at removing 0.1 micron size particulates. Air Flow: Pulls 125 cubic feet of air through the 4-stage HEGA Filter.

Filter Access: Bottom cabinet. Easily removed for maintenance.

Coverage: Our HEPA Air Filter System can clean 700 sq ft or more efficiently. Motor Type: High efficiency shaded pole. Rated for continuous use at high RPMs. Ordinary 110 volt outlet.
4-Stage Filter Specifications: 

Stage 1 Large Particle Pre-Filter: Removes particles visible to the naked eye; for example, dander!

Stage2: Medium Particle Pre-Filter: Removes small to medium size particles (molds, spores, pollen).

Stage 3: Activated Military Carbon Cloth: Removes chemicals, gases and odors; for example, formaldehyde and ammonia).

Stage 4: 30 feet of True Medical Grade HEPA. Removes harmful micro-organisms (bacteria and viruses).

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